A selected list of courses I’ve taught. See below for a few syllabi examples.
  • Ulysses Reading Group, Rosenbach Museum and Library
  • Writing for Engineers, Rowan University
  • Popular Fiction: “Cli-fi: Science Fiction, Climate Change, & Apocalypse,” Temple University (more here)
  • Honors GenEd: “Ecotopia: Building a Sustainable Society,” Temple University
  • Contemporary Literature: “Inventing Individual Identity,” Temple University
  • College Composition II: “Writing the Future,” Rowan University
  • Analytical Reading and Writing, Temple University


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As a teacher, I help students to understand how an assemblage of social forces, ideologies, and material cultures shapes their identity and way of thinking, and how the process of learning about their place within these networks translates into the power to transform themselves and their world. Students in my classes situate the work they read and the papers they write within wider social and scientific contexts. For example, in an honors general education course on ecological themes in utopian literature, my students read The Time Machine with H.G. Wells’s journalism, including the essay “The Extinction of Man,” which opened their eyes to the fact that seemingly new threats posed by climate change have a long intellectual history. In the next class, students worked in groups to brainstorm examples of time travel in other works of fiction and film to grasp the massive and continuing impact of Wells’s work; they then compared film adaptations of The Time Machine (from 1960, 1978, and 2002) to trace how larger cultural shifts leave their mark on the creative imagination.

Students draw on this literary and historical background to engage in wider conversations in a variety of media, especially through website building and by using digital tools. My “Cli-fi: Science Fiction, Climate Change, and the Apocalypse” course created a public blog, with short, Amazon-style reviews at its core, that contributed to journalistic coverage of the media-friendly genre of cli-fi. Their website now appears on the first page of Google searches for the term. At Rowan, I have team-taught, with faculty in the Engineering department, a unique clinic class that introduces sophomore Engineers to principles of science communication, professional, technical and team writing, oral and digital presentation formats (here’s a website we made last year), and more broadly to how project goals and design impact communities and stakeholders.

Writing & Composition

In addition to teaching college writing or composition courses at Temple and at Rowan Universities, I’ve worked in three writing centers, in assessment, and with a diverse range of student writers:
  • Writing Teacher, Philadelphia Futures Environmental Science Program at Eastern University (2017-18)
  • Graduate Tutor, Temple University Writing Center (2015-17)
  • First-Year Writing Program Outstanding Instructor Award, Temple University (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, & Spring 2014)
  • First-Year Writing Program Placement Test Scorer (2014-16)
  • Practicum Mentor, Temple University, Department of English, Graduate Composition Practicum (2013)
  • Teaching in Higher Education Certificate, Temple University Teaching and Learning Center (2013)
  • Instructor, Summer Bridge Program, Russell Conwell Center, Temple University (2011-13)
  • Reading and Writing Specialist, Learning Lab, Community College of Philadelphia (2010-15)
  • Graduate Writing Tutor, Villanova University Writing Center (2008-10)
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